Proof that I haven’t been laying around eating bon bons

Let’s go over what Eric and I have accomplished.

 Front yard:


-All weeds picked

-Flowerboxes painted black

-Flowers planted in flowerboxes (they’re there, you just can’t see them very well yet)

-Flowers planted in flowerbeds

-Flowerbeds mulched

-Front porch stained (seriously, whoever made this, why didn’t you just do a cememt or brick one?)


Sides of the house: 

-Rose bushes pruned

-Flowerbeds mulched

-Flowers planted

-Weeds pulled




-Remnants of winter dog poo picked up

-Pulled every weed in flowerbeds

-Flowerbeds mulched

-Put in black liner around flowerbeds (I was going to get actual borders but I haven’t found anything that I love yet)


-Flowers moved around

-White lattice put in around deck (that Mac has not attempted to rip off yet)


-Replaced 4 boards on table and 1 on chair (Mac chewed on 3 of them and 2 of them were splitting)


-Table and chairs cleaned and oiled

-All kids stuff (playhouse, swingset, etc) cleaned


 Big projects that we still have to do:

-Replace some boards on our deck and then stain it.  You can see in this picture how some of them are bending up.  Too bad they can’t just be nailed back down. 


-Aerate yard

-Replace fence.  FYI:  your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  Our fence really is leaning that much. 


And after looking at the pictures I took, I realized that I probably need to trim our bushes.  Great, one more thing to add to our list.



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7 responses to “Proof that I haven’t been laying around eating bon bons

  1. looks great! i’m getting there…i’ll have to take some pictures, too.

  2. Whoa, nice job!!! Everything looks ready for summer.

  3. Beautiful! I need to work on our yard next weekend. Dan did fertilize yesterday though.

  4. Karen

    VERY productive weekend! That feels great!

  5. illinigirl

    Holy cow! Nice work!

  6. I don’t think anyone who knows you would ever think you were sitting around eating bon bons, or sitting around period. It’s just not in your DNA, sitting down that is.

  7. kirksonya

    Looks awesome! We did a LOT of outdoor work this weekend also. Nice feeling of accomplishment for you guys, I’m sure!

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