Birthday party pics

My baby isn’t a baby anymore.  He’s officially a toddler.   

We invited our family over last night to celebrate Luke’s birthday.  We did a Mickey Mouse themed party, or as Luke calls him, Hot Dog (because of the theme song).


Here is Luke trying to open a present before it’s time.


When you ask Luke to smile for a picture, this is the face you get. 


Everyone (including Luke) was singing Happy Birthday at this point.

1601 162

Most of my pictures look similar to this one.  Sticking his finger up his nose is his new thing.  He doesn’t actually pick it, it’s more like he found a place where his finger will fit.  We’re working on getting past this one.


Kenny helped Luke blow out his candle.


Opening presents and cards.



Thank you everyone for the great gifts.  Kenny and Luke have been up since 7 playing with them.  I have a feeling we won’t be going anywhere today.


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One response to “Birthday party pics

  1. cute pictures…and that cake is adorable!

    the “hot dog” song makes everyone in our house dance, especially jack henry!

    good luck on that finger-in-the-nose stage…

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