Bye bye bye


Yesterday was Luke’s first day without a pacifier.  We rounded up all of his pacifiers (I think, although I’m sure a stray one will pop up here and there) and he then put them in a box.  We told him that the pacifiers were going to *baby Bailey, although they really went straight into the trash.  Luke did great.  There were no tears and he told his pacifiers “bye bye bye” when they were all in the box.


Hopefully that’s one more milestone down.  He was fine during his nap yesterday, although his it was definitely shorter than normal.  The real test will be at church on Sunday. 

I won’t lie, I do have one pacifier hidden away in our cupboard in case of an emergency.  You know, just in case.

*We could have also said baby Mayrn, Jamie’s new baby girl.  She was born on Luke’s birthday.  Congratulations to them again too.


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  1. ali

    That is great—so nice not having to deal with pacifiers! You’re right, tho, about church—good luck with that! I saved one of Ziga’s for sentimental reasons (gross, I know) for about a year.

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