My Fitness Coach

I am absolutely loving this Wii game that my boys gave me for my birthday.  Honestly, I don’t know if you would even consider it a game.  It’s more like 6+ workout videos in one.  

You sign on and then you get to pick:

1.  Type of workout you want to do – core, cardio, upper body, lower body, flexiblity or yoga

2.  Length of workout

3.  Type of music you want to listen to (you unlock more options the more you do it)

4.  Equipment you own or want to use – weights, stability ball, heart monitor and/or step bench.  These are incorporated into most workouts.   

5.  Scenery (you unlock more options the more you do it)

The best part is that while you’re working out, the workout will stop periodically and ask you if it’s too hard, just right or not hard enough.  Then, the next time you do that workout, it will adjust to how you felt. 

When you’re done, it even tells you how many calories you should have burned.  I’m not sure how accurate it actually is but I figure it’s a good estimate. 

I have been doing it 4 times a week and I’m not bored at all.  It has turned into a little ritual for Kenny and I to do together.  Even Luke tries to get in on it.  We did yoga tonight and you should have seen him doing the downward dog.  Very funny.

I took this video of it so you could get a better idea of how it goes.  I know you can’t read what the screen says but you can hear what the trainer is saying.   

Cost:  $30 (FYI:   Toys R Us is having a sale where if you buy 1 Wii game ($29.99 or more), you get $20 off a 2nd one ($29.99 or more).  I don’t know how long the special will last but I know it’s still good today.

You do not need a Wii Fit to use.



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6 responses to “My Fitness Coach

  1. I love this! Might have to give this suggestion to Matt for my Mother’s Day gift!

  2. illinigirl

    I don’t have a wii, but this sounds cool. Whenever people say they have a wii fit, and they think they are going to get in shape with it. . . I think. . . um, not likely. Yeah, depending on what you do, you could get in shape. . . but I think it would be a lot more challenging to do this with a wii fit rather than a *real* workout.

  3. illinigirl

    I hit the button to early!. . . this game seems to be more of an actual workout. I sent your blog link to my sister, as she has a wii.

  4. ali

    that is so cool. Janez has been talking about getting a Wii, I think we will need to sometime soon!

  5. Karen

    I am getting this. For myself.

  6. kirksonya

    I have this and love it also!

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