Memory verses and Ivan

I found this great workbook for kids that deals with learning Bible verses.

There are 43 activities.  Each activity includes a short verse, an explanation, a Bible passage to read that pertains to the quote and a project to do. 

For example, the first activity dealt with creation.  The verse Kenny learned was “on the 7th day (God) rested.”  After Kenny memorized that, we read the story of creation in the Bible and we talked about how everyone needs to rest.  The activity for that one was basically making a creation clock.  The clock was divided into the 7 days and each day showed what God did on that day.  Kenny colored and cut it out and then taped it onto a paper plate (we were out of glue).  To finish it off, we added the clock hand with a fastener.  It turned out really cute and Kenny had a great time.  We’ve done 4 of them so far and they’re still a hit.  And even better, Kenny has learned a lot.

The activity book is called Teaching Children Memory Verses by Rainbow Productions.  If interested, I found it here in KC at Mardel (Rosana Square – 119th and Metcalf).

I also found a Come and See series on-line.  Has anyone used these before or heard anything about them?

In other church-ie (yes, I’m making up words now) news, we had a priest yesterday who, during his homily, talked about sponsoring a child or older adult through the organization CFCA.  There were pictures and info on all those who were in need of sponsorship in the lobby for us to look at.  We decided to do it.  We’re now the proud sponsors of 5 year old Ivan from Colombia.



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3 responses to “Memory verses and Ivan

  1. Karen

    That’s very cool – both things. I think Nicole does that too and I hope to do too.

  2. This all sounds great! We do sponsor a child through Compassion Int’l…it’s been a great experience so far. It’s nice that Ivan is the same age as Kenny – our sponsored child, Jeremy, is Luke’s age and has some of the same interests, which makes it more relatable (sp?) for the boys, I think.

  3. Amanda

    Let’s go visit him! :o)

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