The hair incident

Some of you may have heard about our hair incident yesterday on FB.  If not, let me give you a quick re-cap.  Eric was nice enough to take Kenny to get his haircut.  Before they left, I told Eric that I wanted Kenny’s hair to be shorter for the summer but definitely not as short as Eric’s (Eric gets a 1 on the side and a 3 on top).  So guess what Kenny came home with?  A 1 on the side and a 4 on top. 


I just keep repeating to myself, “it will grow back, it will grow back.”


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4 responses to “The hair incident

  1. Annie

    I think it’s cute, Suz!

  2. I think it’s adorable, esp. with the sunglasses.

    My grandma always says: “it’s only hair.” And she’s a hairdresser!!

  3. aw, I love it! it looks so cute! but it’s cute longer, too.

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