Luke’s 2 year pictures

We took Luke up to The Picture People today to get his 2 year pictures taken (I’m only a month behind).  Besides running laps around the store, he was really good and we had a ton of pictures to choose from.  This is the one that we’re handing out to family:


And I just had to get one of these for us because this is so my Luke: 


He does this all the time.  He’ll come up to you, stick his finger up and then tell you something.  Like today, he walked up to my mom, held up his finger and said, “cookie.”  I love that the photographer was able to capture this for me.

I’ll send these out as soon as I get the ones that were taken of Kenny about a month ago.  Any day now…


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3 responses to “Luke’s 2 year pictures

  1. Karen

    I wish my picture day had such great options to choose from! What a great sport!

  2. ali

    Those are great pics! He is so cute and I think he looks a lot like you. The finger-pointing thing is hilarious!

  3. Those pictures are adorable!

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