1st t-ball game of the summer

Kenny had his first t-ball game last night.  It wasn’t much different from last year in terms of how the game was played  (everyone on the team batted and then went to the outfield while the other team hit) but it was night and day in terms of the way the kids played.  All of the kids stayed focused and no one was playing in the dirt.  Kenny was even batting from the right and left side which surprised me but I guess they’ve been working on that. 

Kenny and his good friend J.T. sitting in the dugout


Kenny up to bat



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One response to “1st t-ball game of the summer

  1. Nice blog and the game looks like a lot of fun.

    Our oldest switched over to soccer and won’t play baseball any more. I hoping our youngest has an interest in t-ball–I prefer baseball any day of the week.

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