You’re stuck where you’re at

I just want you guys to know that if any of you were planning on moving, that just won’t work for me.  I just bought a new address book because mine was full of old, crossed out addresses.  I transferred everything and it looks so pretty and orderly now.  So, sorry but you’ll have to stay put. 

Annie, you’re lucky you moved when you did:)



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8 responses to “You’re stuck where you’re at

  1. I started using pencil on the last address book I bought because I couldn’t stand all the cross outs! Even though I hate pencil b/c it smudges over time.

  2. That said, mine crashed a while back and I lost everything.

  3. Y’all ever heard of computer address books???

  4. OK, those posts ended up backwards for some reason.

  5. i probably should do it in my computer but knowing my luck, i’d lose everything too.

  6. yeah, i lost a lot of stuff with a computer address list once, and just didn’t want to risk it again given that i’m bad about backing up files.

  7. How funny, I just updated my addresses in the new planner I bought last weekend. Still need to update the house one…it’s been sitting for almost 2 years now, with the wedding guest list tucked inside…

  8. illinigirl

    I moved every year for five years. If people didn’t use pencil with me. . . well, that just wasn’t a good idea. Now I’ve helped everyone out recently by staying in the same spot for 2 1/2 years!

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