This and that

Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on in our world:

– My brother Billy is in the process of moving into a house with one of his friends.

-My brother Mike just got transferred to New York.  He’ll be leaving at the beginning of July.  I fully expect him to send me cute, fake K ate Sp ade purses throughout the year.

-My dad retired.  They were offering buy outs and after much consideration, he decided to go ahead and take it.  Just don’t ask him what his hobby is going to be:)

-We’re gearing up for Kenny’s birthday party tomorrow (his actual birthday is on Monday).  We’re having a pool party and just decided to move it to an indoor pool since the weather is supposed to be pretty crappy.  Kenny invited the boys from his preschool class and some of his other friends so he’s really, really, really excited.


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  1. Happy almost birthday, Kenny!

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