Kenny’s 5th birthday party – part 1

Kenny’s pool party was a success.  Eric and I are winding down at the moment but I’ll post more pictures later.





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4 responses to “Kenny’s 5th birthday party – part 1

  1. Cute! It looks like Noah’s party. The cakes are exactly the same! :)

  2. you must have good taste:)
    i let kenny put in the first 2 pirates while i was doing something else. i turned around to find them half buried in the cake.

  3. Ali

    Yeah! Looks like a fun party! 5 sounds so…wow, kind of old. Zala had her first b-day party yesterday. I think I’m still winding down!

  4. I put Noah’s pirates in the cake and as I was putting one in, Dan is screaming, “wait!” But it was too late. I put him on the water. Oh well, he was wading.

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