Never too young

The swim team that Eric coaches for wants to use Luke in an ad.  They’re going to try (and the key word is try, since you never know with young kids) to take a picture of him in his swimsuit, a swim cap and the sunglasses that he loves to wear.  The caption will say something about how you’re never too young to learn technique.  The ad will then go out to the local country clubs to try to recruit some new swimmers.   

They’re going to attempt to do it tomorrow evening.  Cross your fingers that Luke will cooperate and they’ll be able to get a good shot.



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6 responses to “Never too young

  1. ali

    Oh, that would be so cute! Keep us posted on how it goes!

  2. i’d love to see that picture…he’ll look so cute!

  3. Annie

    That will be too cute! Please share the photos/ad afterwards!=)

  4. I am not surprised that they want him for the ad. He IS exceptionally cute. I hope he goes for it because that will be adorable!

  5. Amanda

    Awe!! I’m sure it’ll be great! I want to see it!!

  6. Karen

    What? Famous? Cool – and I can say I “virtually” know him! :)

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