Kenny’s 5th birthday party – part 2

We had planned to have Kenny’s birthday party at Marty pool but as it got closer and closer to b-day party day, the weather looked worse and worse.  The day before the party we decided to move the party indoors to Matt Ross (aka my home away from home).  Which, of course, meant that it ended up being a beautiful day out (78 degree and sunny).  Oh well.  I’m sure if we hadn’t moved locations there would have been storms and flash floods.  Moving on…

Kenny had such a good time.  We had cake and presents first in a party room.  Kenny received so many Lego sets, it was unreal.  Needless to say, he’s in heaven.


I’m not going to post too many pictures of the kids since they’re in their swimsuits but I love this one.  I tried to get a picture before Becca and Reece had to leave but it didn’t work out.



Mike, Amanda and A.J. were bullied into nice enough to swim with Luke and help keep an eye on the other kids.


A.J., I think you’ve made a new friend.


Thank you everyone for coming.  I know it wasn’t too exciting (not to mention hot) for the adults watching on the sidelines but it made Kenny’s day to have you there.

His actual birthday was more low-key.  He wanted fruit, crackers and cheese for lunch and Planet Sub for dinner.  We had brownies for dessert and then he opened up his gifts from us (yes, more Legos). 




Once again, happy birthday baby.



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3 responses to “Kenny’s 5th birthday party – part 2

  1. Amanda

    Amanda- “Suzanne, can we get out yet?”

    Suz-“NO! 10 more minutes”

    Haha. Bullied at the end. :o)

  2. that’s right. you didn’t know that you signed your life away when you agreed to help:)

  3. Isn’t AJ great with kids??? I was amazed at how good he was with Noah when he and Amanda were out here.

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