Summer swimming lessons

Kenny starts his second week of swimming lessons today.  His first week started off pretty rocky.  It was storming out on the first day so they split the day into a half safety and half swimming day.  I had a hard time getting Kenny to go with his instructor for the safety part and then he wouldn’t get in the water for the swimming part.  I tried everything.  Everything.  I was so frustrated because Kenny is so comfortable in the water.  I finally told him that if he didn’t get in, he would lose his Legos for the day.  I gave him minute updates and he tried to get in with 20 seconds left of lessons, which meant that his Legos were gone.  Yes, I’m mean, but that was enough to get him in the water the entire time the second day (and ever since). 

He’s in the 2nd wave and I think he’ll probably be in the same level for the next session too.  Most kids don’t even start the 1st wave until they’re 5 so he’s already ahead.   



Luke and I have been spending a lot of time in the baby pool area during Kenny’s lessons.  I’ll get pictures of that some time this week.



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2 responses to “Summer swimming lessons

  1. Karen

    I feel your pain. I feel it.

  2. It was so cold here for Noah’s first week of swimming lessons that he initially refused to get in every day but one. It sucked! But he finally got in each of the days.

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