Backpack, backpack

I had to rename this post because the Dora song got stuck in my head.  It’s in yours now, isn’t it?

Wow, backpacks have really changed.

Kenny needs a *non-rolling backpack for kindergarten.  Pottery Barn Kids is having a sale on them right now (plus free shipping) so we went over there last week to look at them.  He didn’t see one at the store that he wanted but he did find an orange one on-line that he liked.  It came today and we were looking at all the stuff it includes.  Keep in mind that he has absolutely no use for any of these features:  a cell phone holder, a holder for an MP3 with holes for the headphones to go through, and the inside compartment is made to hold a computer.  

I guess I haven’t had a backpack since I graduated college in 2000 but they were definitely not this fun back then. 


*We found a rolling backpack at PB Kids (on sale) back in May.  I thought we were set until I looked at Kenny’s list of school supplies and it specifically says that rolling backpacks are not allowed.  I’m hoping he can use it in first grade b/c I let him roll it around the Plaza after we bought it and there’s no way I can take it back.  Crap.



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5 responses to “Backpack, backpack

  1. you could probably sell it on ebay….just a suggestion in case they don’t allow them in first grade, either!

    i know – backpacks are way more complicated than they used to be! he looks so cute modeling it.

  2. i may have to. i’ll have to ask my friends w/ older kids at kenny’s school what the rule is.

  3. kirksonya

    cute backpack! I haven’t even started to think about things we need to get Andrew for kindergarten…..

  4. I am really mad at you for putting that stupid Dora song in my head.

  5. welcome to my world. kenny and luke somehow decided that their new favorite show is dora.

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