Do-able and domestic

We’re not going anywhere until September so I love reading about everyone else’s vacations.  Here’s my list of places that I want to go to.  There are a ton of other places on my wish list but these are do-able and domestic:

1.  Minneapolis – they have a new Water Park of America near the Mall of America.  It sounds like The Great Wolf Lodge, where the water park is in a hotel.  We could spend a day or so at the water park and the MOA and then visit my relatives.  Or they could meet us there.

2.  New York – My brother Mike is moving there in 4 days.  I’m trying to talk everyone into going there for the 4th of July 2010 (although, hopefully I’ll make it up there before then).  It might be fun to see what the firework displays are like around the Statue of Liberty. 

3.  The Wisconsin Dells – I haven’t been there since I was a little girl.  Karen just got back from there and if I remember right, Nicole went there last year.  It looks like it has really expanded. 

Is anyone else going anywhere fun this summer?



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8 responses to “Do-able and domestic

  1. kirksonya

    Great ideas. I would love to visit NYC sometime soon. We are headed to Isle of Palms, SC this summer. New place for us and have heard great things about it.

  2. The Dells is a great family vacation spot…we stayed at Glacier Canyon (same place Karen just stayed) and loved it. Lots of water parks included in your hotel stay (and only people staying at the hotel can use the parks). There’s also mini golf, fun kid restaurants, and go karts. It’s not like there’s TONS to do, but since you’re paying to stay in the hotel, you can pretty much plan on being at the water parks for your entertainment.

    I’d love to go to NYC…but it’s not on Matt’s list of places to see.

  3. I love this post. I am going to copy it, ok???

  4. illinigirl

    I love NYC, and I’m sad to say I haven’t been in THREE years. Part of this reason, is that they closed my favorite bar there. . . a trashy, hole-in-the-wall, country bar in Manhattan. It was my dream come true, and an awesome place to meet very unique people! If I haven’t done a blog entry on this place, I need to. Do you think Mike would be willing to research other trashy establishments there for me? Southwest has pretty good deals there so I’ve been contemplating a trip there sometime. . . but I need a hole-in-the-wall bar replacement! :)

    • i’m sure mike will be able to find a new hole-in-the-wall, although he’s not big on country so it won’t be one of those.
      i think you travel as much as i did when i was a flight atttendant:)
      we were going to go to d.c. this summer but it got cancelled. i think it’s looking more like next summer. eric has to go to training out there for work at some point so we’ll make a vacation out of it.

  5. illinigirl

    Oh, and I’m going to DC this summer. . . and don’t think I have any trips for August. . . yet. :)

  6. Karen

    NYC. My goal is to get there. I have never been, I’m embarrassed to say. I want to go child-less and do shows, nice restaurants and the Today show in the a.m.

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