Our 4th

We started off our 4th by going to Village Fest.  We watched Funky Mama play, made crafts, saw the animals, police cars and trains, and went through the giant Chinook helicopter.  We love Village Fest. 



We went to my parents that afternoon to spend the evening with Mike since he was leaving for New York the next day.  We played croquet and ate a really good dinner (including the cake that I made).  Billy was at the lake with his friends, so he was the only one who wasn’t there.




We found the best spot for fireworks 2 years ago.  You can back your car up and watch the show from your tailgate.  It sprinkled a little bit while we were waiting but it didn’t last very long.  We waited longer than we thought we would for it to start but it was worth it.  Luke loved the fireworks (you always wonder how they’ll do) but he didn’t like being out in the dark much.  He kept saying, “spooky out.”  I’m not sure where he came up with the word spooky but I’m guessing that it came from Kenny.  The first firework caught him a little off guard but after that he sat in the back of my parents’ car and looked for all the blue fireworks with my dad.  I was sitting on a chair in front of them and all I heard was his laughing and “bew one” every few seconds. 








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2 responses to “Our 4th

  1. um, just looked back at these pictures and luke looks so much like your dad!

    do they watch scooby doo? there’s lots of spooky talk in that!

  2. i never thought of that one. that could be it.

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