We went out to Worlds of Fun last Thursday.  My brothers, Billy and Mike, went out a few hours before us so they could spend time on strictly adult rides and then we (and my mom) drove out and met them around 4.  Kenny now measures in at 46 inches so he was able to go on some more of the bigger rides.  It took him a little bit to warm up to the rides but after he went on the taxis, he was much better.  He got to ride the Fury of the Nile for the first (and second) time.  I think he would have stayed on it for the entire time if we had let him.  Luke was fearless, as usual.  He was able to go on most of the rides in the kid section.  We were laughing because he was saying, “whee” the entire time on the kiddie roller coaster. 

We decided we’re definitely going to make this a yearly event.












I had to put this one in.  Eric and Mike, you’re welcome:)

There was a roller coaster for everyone…



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3 responses to “W.O.F.

  1. How fun! I used to love that place. Kenny and Luke look like they were having a ball.

  2. Karen

    SO fun! But that big roller coaster doesn’t look like it has enough supports underneath it! :)

  3. ali

    Looks like fun! I really like the last pic. Hilarious.

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