I’ve got it covered

Eric and I were watching The Wedding Date last night.  There is this gorgeous British house towards the end of the movie that just makes you want to move to England.

Me:  “I think you should quit your job so we can move there and live in that house.”

Eric:  “I don’t think bobbies get paid enough to afford that house.”

Me:  “We’ve got it covered.  You forget that Mr. Urge is leaving me his money.”

I have a feeling that that’s not going to get old any time soon;)



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8 responses to “I’ve got it covered

  1. i love that movie…and one of my all-time favorite songs plays during the credits!

  2. i know…all the michael buble songs are great on there.

  3. Hahahaha! Can Mr. Urge also get you all out here to ski on Christmas or New Years????

  4. christmas probably won’t happen but new years might work. kenny could take a skiing class.

  5. Crystal and fam are coming for Christmas and maybe staying long enough to overlap with a New Year’s visit. Kylie, Noah, and Will will be taking their first skiing classes then, so that would be fun! Has Kenny ever been skiing? If not, I wonder if they could all ski together???

  6. is your mom coming out too for xmas?
    we could maybe plan to come out right after xmas. i just want to be here for the 24th and morning of the 25th (or day if your mom is going to be in kc for xmas).
    that would be a lot of fun!

  7. oh, and kenny has never been skiing. i would love to have him try it.
    i don’t think eric ever has and i only have once here at the fake snow place.

  8. Amanda

    I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! (and the Michael Buble songs don’t hurt.) Hehe.


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