T-ball and H.P.

Kenny is officially done with t-ball.  They had their last practice last night and received their medals. 





And some Luke cuteness…



After practice, we ran the boys over to my parents house so they could spend the night there (thanks Mom and Dad!) while Eric and I went to see the 12:10 a.m. showing of Harry Potter.  The movie was really good but if you’ve read the book, the ending is a little disappointing.  They main things still happen but they took out the big fight scene.  I’m glad we went but I’m exhausted today.  Four hours of sleep just doesn’t cut it.



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3 responses to “T-ball and H.P.

  1. nice banner! that’s funny.

  2. i actually tried to load an actual picture for a new banner but i’m having problems with wordpress. it won’t let me crop the picture (or any picture) and instead just publishes the top of every one. this is the only picture that would work (all the rest just had the tops of people’s heads). i have an email in to wordpress so hopefully they can fix whatever is wrong.

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