Forget Omaha

I’m so excited.  Our good friends, Steve and Suzie Martin, just asked us to be the godparents to their little girl, Allison.

It looks like our Omaha trip (and Eric’s marathon) is off and we’ll be traveling to sunny San Diego instead.  We’re not complaining.



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6 responses to “Forget Omaha

  1. illinigirl

    I read this wrong and thought your title said “Forget Obama”. . . I read this and reread this. . . and thought “What the h does this entry have to do with Obama???” LOL.

    I’ve never been to San Diego. . . jealous. My favorite restaurant in Florence has a restaurant in San Diego. It’s called “Acqua Al 2”. . .

    Pasta was amazing. balsamic steak was amazing. . . but I heard rave reviews about the blueberry steak and am sad I didn’t try it. . . someday. . . I will.

  2. why do you always make me hungry??
    hmmm…forget obama – that might be a post for another day:)

    • illinigirl

      Sorry. My blog is not helpful for those aspiring to a healthy lifestyle. . . and neither are my comments, apparently. . . ;)

  3. That’s awesome that they’ve asked you to be a special part of their daughter’s life! I’m a godmother, and my godson is now 14 and is a PITA ;-)

  4. Congrats! Is Eric doing a different marathon then?

  5. i know he wants to. he’s 2 weeks behind on his running plan (b/c of the fence). i know the gobbler grind is usually the weekend before the sprint thanksgiving 5k. he usually only does the 1/2 marathon at that one but maybe he can do the full instead.

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