Just out of curiosity, how many of you have read Pride and Prejudice?  It’s one of my absolute favorites books. 

Nicole hasn’t had the pleasure of reading it yet.  I swear I’ll get her to if it’s the last thing I do:) 



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8 responses to “P&P

  1. Ok…I promise. Next book I read after the one I’m reading now.

    Between you and Hannah, I have no choice! :)

  2. Love that book! Definitely, read it, Nicole!!!

  3. i hate to admit that i’m not in the Jane Austen book club, either. I started Sense and Sensibility once…

  4. hannah, what are we going to do with these people?

  5. jamiemmiller

    I read it for summer reading in high school and didn’t enjoy it. Perhaps now I should try it again since it’s my choice to read it? I’ll let you know!

  6. *hangs head in shame*

    I haven’t read it, but know I should, and I do want to. My company has even published a version! I really should, I know, I know.

    You need another option! The one for slackers like me :-)

  7. illinigirl

    OMG. . . it’s such a shame that I have to disown over 50% of my blog readership.


    As I told Nicole, I don’t want to pressure her to much and then have her hate it. . . but seriously, Elizabeth Bennett rocks the world, and I want to be a modern-day Elizabeth Bennett. . . but I am unfortunately not quite so sharp and quick on my feet. . . I do have the fiercely independent part covered though. :)

    LOVE Mr. Darcy. LOVE. :)

    I also love Jane Austen because I love that time period so much. . . although, I would probably hate it IRL due to the near-Caste system that exists. . . It’s fun to read about though.

    Suzanne–You must, must, must put Persuasion on your list. I liked it a lot. Need to reread it though. . . it’s been so long.

  8. that’s probably what is going to happen…we say how great it is and they’ll hate it (but i hope not). i’m surprised i haven’t read persuasion yet. i’m sure i’ll love it. i’ll let you know when i finish it.

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