What’s going on

– Steve and Suzie came over on Monday night.  We got to meet Ali (our future goddaughter) for the very first time.  The baptism is going to be some time in October/November.  I cannot wait!

– On Tuesday night I met up with my MIL, SIL and Eric’s aunt Carol and cousin Rachel for Carol’s birthday dinner.  It’s a fun little tradition for the girls in the family.  Rachel’s birthday is coming up next in August.  She’s moving to Austin on August 24th so we’ll have to get it in before she leaves.

– Eric finished the fence while I was at said birthday dinner.  Hallelujah!

– Eric and I saw Harry Potter for the 2nd time yesterday.  The first time we saw it was at midnight and we were in the 2nd row (horrible seats).  We decided to go again, more awake and in more desirable seats.

– Kenny finished his first week of the third session swimming lessons.  I think we need to move over to that area b/c I know everybody and their brother there.  This time around, I was lucky enough to hang out with Erin, who is one of my closest friend’s (Colorado Kelly) sister. 

– We finally talked Kenny into going down the water slide at the PV pool last night (with the help from some Dirt and Worms at Sheridan’s).  He went towards the entrance, only to find out that he needs to grow about another inch to do it. 

– Eric and I are taking the boys to get their pictures taken this morning.  I have a coupon for a free portrait packet at The Picture People for being a member.  I’m hoping that we get some good ones.  I’ll send them out some time in the next few days.


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