Remember this and this?  Well, it turns out that Luke probably wasn’t sleeping because his two year molars were coming in.  He started doing the exact same thing last week.  Eric took him to see Dr. Miller on Friday because we were afraid he had an ear infection.  Dr. Miller very nicely said that it was simply his teeth. 

All I have to say is thank you to our doctor for not making us feel stupid.  I did not even once think about his molars.  Now, after a weekend on Tylenol, Luke is back to normal.


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3 responses to “Molars

  1. Karen

    Teeth are always on my radar, now. It took 3 kids to get it.

  2. Amanda

    Dr. Miller is the bomb. Fo sho.

  3. ali

    It’s so funny to me how you just put the trauma of teething behind you–and then, around two years, ta-da…. molars! So glad you have a good doc–and, better safe than sorry!

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