Crown Center and the Pooch Plunge

We went down to Crown Center for the Free Friday Night Flicks.  We ate dinner at Fritz’s and then let the kids play in the fountains before The Wizard of Oz started. 



If you look hard, you can see both Will and Kylie.


Then yesterday, we took Mac up to the Pooch Plunge.  He didn’t really like swimming in the water but he loved running around with the other dogs.  There was only one other dog that was bigger than him and it seriously was as big as a small horse.  Here’s an idea of Mac’s size.  He’s the big one on the right side.  The dogs in this picture next to him are normal sized big dogs. 


Oreo came too.  I swear I’m going to take Casey and Maddie to one of the ones after Labor Day.


We also almost got a second dog.  Pet Connections had some of their adoptable dogs there.  There was the sweetest big (but smaller than Mac) black dog up there.  If I can talk Eric into it, we may have a new family member some time soon.


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5 responses to “Crown Center and the Pooch Plunge

  1. illinigirl

    I love the fountain pictures. . . how fun!

  2. Karen

    Do it. Do it. We are realizing we may have a very sick 8 year old lab (still in the middle of running tests) and the mere thought is killing me. BUT…we adopted a smaller dog 2 years ago and the thought that we’d still have him is comforting.

  3. Is Mac a Japhy-size dog??? Like 100 lbs or so?

  4. Amanda

    Oreo looks like a little rat!!

  5. mac is 100 lbs but he’s so stinkin’ skinny. he’s bigger than japhy overall.

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