We just went up to Kenny’s school to look at the class lists that were posted today.  We already knew that he was going to have Mrs. B because she’s the only teacher for half day kindergarten but we wanted to find out who the kids in his class were going to be.  There are only 11 kids (6 girls and 5 boys) in Kenny’s class.  11.  There are 2 all day kindergarten classes that each have 17 kids in them.  I told Kenny that I expected him to come home extra smart since his teacher will have more time to spend with each child.  This is great.



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3 responses to “11

  1. Karen

    A class of 11 is rare around here. That is great!

  2. Sonya

    That is so great for you! Andrew has 24 in his part time class and there are 5 full time classes with 25-28 in each….

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