Kindergarten conference

Eric, Kenny and I had our conference with Kenny’s kindergarten teacher this morning. 

Mrs. B had the kids put their supplies away, showed them around the room and then gave them an idea of what their day would be like.  While the kids were busy with her, we filled out the remaining paperwork and paid our school fees.  

Kenny even had homework that he had to do today.  He had to work on writing his name the correct way (with upper and lowercase letters as opposed to all uppercase) and fill out this worksheet:


(My name is Kenny.  One of the things I did this summer was ride my bike.  My favorite snacks are cookies.  My favorite book is Dick and Jane.  I like to play Legos.  I am a special person!)

We I decided that Kenny is going to do his homework at 1:00 every day when Luke goes down for his nap.  We did it today and it really worked out well since it was quiet and we didn’t have any interruptions.   

I still can’t believe that as of tomorrow I will have a child in kindergarten.


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One response to “Kindergarten conference

  1. Karen

    Uh…according to this homework, he can skip kindergarten altogether, too! He is a GREAT writer and sounder-outer. (Yes, that’s a word)

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