On your first day of kindergarten


I cannot believe that you start kindergarten today.  I’m sure I’ll say something similar to this at the beginning of every school year but I really mean it this year.  You have so much to learn and so many friends to meet in the upcoming years.  I’m so excited for you.

If you have any doubts or moments where you are unsure while at school today, I hope the note I left in your cubby helps.


(Do you like how it’s orange like your backpack?)

Have a great first day!





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5 responses to “On your first day of kindergarten

  1. I just sat down to write a little post-it for Luke’s lunch and saw this in my Google Reader! So cute. Good luck to you today, Mom, and to Kenny…he’s going to love it, I’m sure!

  2. so cute…great post, Suzanne! Hope his first day was wonderful!

  3. So cute. Hope you BOTH have a good day!

  4. kirksonya

    Hope you both had a great day!

  5. Awww, the description before the note made me tear up a little!

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