Quiet time

Kenny had nap time from 1:00-3:00 until he was 4.  That didn’t mean that he necessarily slept but he had to stay in bed.  When he turned 4, that time turned into quiet time.  He can pretty much do anything he wants for those 2 hours as long as it isn’t too loud and he stays in his room.  Now that he’s in kindergarten, I’m trying to decide if he still needs that period of quiet time or not. 

I know all kids are different but I’m just wondering when your kids gave up their quiet time.


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5 responses to “Quiet time

  1. Luke (6) and Bennett (4) still did quiet time last summer a few days a week…I got less strict about it when he and Bennett were playing nicely together (B stopped napping at 2 1/2). Our quiet time is always just an hour, though (sidenote: how do you get him to stay in his room for two hours? That’s amazing to me!)

    I read a great post this summer on Jill Savage’s blog about how her family still does quiet time though their kids are grown…I’m planning to continue this is some form myself! Her article is here.

    • we’ve just always said that he (kenny) can come out when luke wakes up, which is usually 1-3. if luke sleeps later than that, kenny can come out at 3. since we don’t have a basement, kenny has all of his big boy toys in his room, like legos, markers, etc so he usually uses that time to play w/ the stuff that he can’t do when luke is awake.
      can you send me that link again. it’s not coming through for me. i tried looking through her blog but i’m not sure if it’s an old or new post. thanks!

  2. Karen

    We still do quiet time (ages 4 and 6 1/2 who don’t sleep) and it is 1 hour in the room…quietly.

  3. kirksonya

    I’m kind of back and forth on quiet time. If my older two (who don’t nap) are playing really well together and I’m able to get things accomplished I don’t do “quiet time” – for some reason they don’t like it. However, if we have a busy day and I need some time they have quiet time. Make sense?

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