Why I would give anything for afternoon kindergarten…

1.  We’re not morning people. 

I am a wake up at 7:30 person, not a wake up at 6:45 person.  Kenny is the same way.  Except for the first day, we’ve had to fight to get him out of bed.  It was so bad this morning, he now has to take a nap this afternoon (instead of quiet time).  Hopefully though, this will get better for all of us as the school year goes on.

2.  We don’t really have a lot of time to do stuff.

I like doing stuff (zoo, Science City, etc) in the morning.  When Kenny is home in the afternoon, Luke is taking his nap so we don’t get to do anything until late afternoon and that just doesn’t really work.

3.  I don’t mind taking 2 kids to run errands.

Now, if we had 3, that would be different.  Kenny’s actually pretty helpful right now. 

4.  I would love to use that afternoon time to get stuff done w/o any interruptions.

I could get so much done around the house from 12-3 with Kenny at kindergarten and Luke sleeping during part of that.

5.  Did I mention that none of us like waking up early?

I know there are perks to morning kindergarten.  We’re not waiting all day to go and I don’t have to wake Luke up from his nap to pick Kenny up.  It would be nice to just have one more year to sleep in.



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5 responses to “Why I would give anything for afternoon kindergarten…

  1. We don’t have to be up and at ’em very early…so that definitely helps, but I HATED every minute of afternoon kdg and preschool last year. Not just b/c I had to wake Jack Henry nearly every day, but b/c it just wasn’t that easy to go out and do things in the morning as I thought it would be. There was so much pressure to get home in time to eat lunch and get the boys to school that there wasn’t really enough time in the morning to actually go somewhere fun (zoo, Magic House, etc.).

    Just in case that makes you feel any better.

    Also – another BIG perk to morning kdg??? The kids and teacher are at their best (alertness) in the morning!

  2. Karen

    Hmm..I agree with Nicole and you. I was dead set against p.m. K, but once we had it I definitely saw a bright side. So the truth is that I think both have pros and cons.

  3. nicole, i do absolutely believe you about the alertness.

  4. We requested (and received) p.m. kindergarten and it is a good fit. I am already stressed about having to get up and out the door next year. Meredith wakes up looking hungover every single morning, at that is usually at 8 or 8:30! I fear that we are going to have to start giving her coffee in 1st grade so she won’t miss the whole first 2 hours of class sitting there in a funk! I hope the schedule fits better soon, and if your school is anything like ours, at least you still have several days each month without school for some reason, so you and Kenny can party it up then!

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