School, work and play

– Kenny is having a great time at kindergarten.  We had his back-to-school night last Wednesday and it sounds like he can do the majority of the things they want to accomplish by the end of the year.  He’s already reading and knows his numbers.  We have to work on counting to 100 by 5’s (he can do 10’s) and prepare for an assessment test that he has to take a few times during the year.  Mrs. B said that during this test, the kids will be told a letter sound and then they have to pick out the correct letter that correlates to the sound.  Kenny is good with his letter sounds but Mrs. B said the hard part is that the kids have to learn how to do it quickly.  They have to be able to do 40 in 1 minute by the end of the year.  We’ll definitely be practicing for that one. 

Kenny has a friend in his class named Arden who went to his preschool (but they weren’t in the same room).  I guess Arden told his mom that he and his friend Kenny were the good guys in class because they were sitting down and listening during circle time while a bunch of the other kids weren’t.  I love it.

– Luke looks like he was beat up.  He has a big scratch on his nose and forehead and a cut lower lip.  As my mom said, it’s surprising he doesn’t have more considering how rough and tough he is. 

– I’ve been working a ton.  The end of August and May are always stressful for me staff-wise.  I just have to get through the next week or two and then it should get better.   At least, it better.

– I bought some new cute running shoes.  I’m a big Adidas fan.  I usually go for predominantly grey ones but I decided to switch it up this time.  I’m hoping they’ll help motivate me a little.

– We went to our friends’ wedding last night while Kenny and Luke spent the night with my parents (thanks!).  Bridget and Spencer swam with Eric in college and so a large majority of the team was there.  It was a great reunion for all of us.



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2 responses to “School, work and play

  1. Karen

    Good for Kenny! (And the other good guy). Teachers need those in class to keep them sane!

  2. illinigirl

    I’ve never had Addias. . . those look cool though!

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