A few months ago, we decided to sponsor Ivan through CFCA.  We just received our second letter from him yesterday.  An adult wrote the letter (he’s only 5), Ivan drew the pictures and then another person translated it for us.  How cute is this?

Letter 1


Letter 2


Kenny drew this picture for Ivan, which we mailed right back to him (along with some temporary tattoos and a note saying to ask his mom to make sure they were okay). 


If any of you are considering sponsoring a child, we’ve had a great experience with CFCA.  Hannah had this website on her blog.  The website gives you information on all of the different charities out there.  If you click on this link, you can see info on CFCA, including the fact that 94.6% of CFCA’s money goes towards the actual program.  That’s pretty huge.  Another plus for me is that it’s based out of KC and the majority of the board members live here.



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4 responses to “Ivan

  1. Amanda

    Maybe I can write a letter to him in Spanish for you guys. :o)

  2. illinigirl

    This is too cute!

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