Kenny had his first assessment at school today.  I think he’ll have 3 total throughout the year.  Mrs. B said he did really well.  His letter sounds are great and he’s already reading.  We have to work on the part of the assessment that includes quickly matching the letter sound to the letter.  I guess there are rows of letters on a piece of paper.  Each row is made up of 10 letters of the alphabet.  If Mrs. B makes the “ah” sound, Kenny has to find the a in that row.  By the end of the year, he has to be able to do 40 rows in one minute.  We have to work on the speed part of the test assessment. 

Mrs. B also said that Kenny is doing so well, she’s going to put him in a type of leadership position where he’ll help other kids in his class that are still working on their letters and letter sounds. 

I’m just glad that it went well.  Eric called me at work yesterday because Kenny was crying on the way home because Mrs. B reminded Eric that the assessment was going to be today.  Kenny was upset because he didn’t want to have to stay after school.  That’s not like Kenny.  I don’t know if he was nervous about the test or if he just wanted to be able to walk home with his friends.  Whatever it was, he must have gotten over it because he was fine today.  We even went up there when all the other kindergartners got out of school to make sure he was still doing okay.  

Afterwards, we let Kenny pick where he wanted to go to lunch at afterwards.  Out of all the restaurants in KC, he chose to go to Mc D onalds.


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