Because I feel like I haven’t talked about Luke as much lately

Here are some cute things that Luke is doing:

– We’ve been doing the “now I lay me down to sleep” prayer at night.  I’ve been trying to teach him how to do the sign of the cross.  He gets the hand placement for “in the name of the father, son,” right but usually touches his ears or forearms for the “holy spirit” part.  It is so cute.  I’ll have to get a video of him doing a prayer before dinner.  It is even cuter.

– Whenever he gets to use his Disney Toy Story cup, he yells over and over, “Buzz Lightyear to the rescue.”  It’s hilarious.



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2 responses to “Because I feel like I haven’t talked about Luke as much lately

  1. GirlWednesday

    Re: teaching sign of the cross–I was at Mass a few months ago and saw a couple with their (approx) 2 yr old daughter. Dad took her out for a few mins during Mass, and when they came back in, they genuflected before getting back into the pew with Mom (per usual). Dad crossed himself. The little girl did this funny thing with her hand–almost like she was patting herself on the chest/heart area. I think she was trying! Too cute–I can’t remember when I learned how to cross myself….

  2. What a little cutie! I can’t wait to see him and Kenny again.

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