At 11:00 this morning (C.S.T), Obama will be giving his speech to students.  If you haven’t read what he’s going to say, you can read it here

There has been a lot of controversy about it.  I know a lot of people are upset.  Obviously, otherwise schools wouldn’t be sending home permission slips or deciding not to show the speech at all.  I’m conservative and I honestly don’t really have a problem with the speech, and didn’t even before I read it.  With as much outrage and publicity over it, I knew it would probably just be a ‘do good at school speech’. 

What I did have a problem with was what the Department of Education put out as suggested curriculum for teachers and parents.  I know it may just be a few phrases (that they have since altered) but those phrases bothered me.  I spoke to Kenny’s teacher about what she would be doing with the kids afterwards (and no, I didn’t think that she was going to try to brainwash them) to make sure we were on the same page.  In the end, it was all moot because Kenny’s class won’t even be watching it.   

In terms of the speech, I’ve heard a lot of talk about how it’s a parents job to show both sides to every story.  I don’t agree with that, not when my oldest is only 5.  My job as a parent right now is to teach my children to be good people, help others and yes, even respect a President that we don’t agree with.  My job at this point in time is to choose what my children hear and learn.  That’s my job. 

Oh, and I will be watching the speech with Kenny today because I really do think that it sends out a good message.  Will you be?



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2 responses to “Speech

  1. First all, bravo…well written! I especially appreciate the part about it being your job to filter what Kenny hears at this age. I’m so with you.

    We will be watching it. I’m getting ready to watch it now, and I am planning for Luke to watch it with us tonight and for us to discuss how important education is. Luke knows that we didn’t vote for Obama, but he also knows that we pray for him to make good decisions and that we respect him for his role.

  2. GirlWednesday

    Very well written, indeed! And also LEVEL HEADED, which is very important. If anything, I think people can use this as a teaching moment to show respect for someone who might be different than you or your family. What helps is that you are in agreement with the President’s message.

    We don’t have to like our President, but we do have to respect him. Just like how we respect our teachers, our bosses, our neighbors.

    Good job, mom!

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