First soccer game of the season

Here were some highlights from Kenny’s soccer game today.  The kids still completely played bunch ball but at least this year no one was playing in the dirt. 

Kenny is #17 on the blue team with white socks.





And here’s Luke pretending to be a pillow for Amanda.  She would pretend to lay on him and as soon as she would sit up he’d say, “do it again.”  



Eric gave me my anniversary present, a new camera, a day early so I could use it at the game today.  He bought me a nice camera but it’s a Sony and I haven’t heard many people say that they love them.  Plus, I was hoping to upgrade a little.  So, when Luke wakes up from his nap we’re going to go look for a different one.  I’ve done a lot of researching on-line and asking around and I think I want the Nikon D3000.  It’s in the price range that I’m looking for and it seems to do everything that I want it too.  I’m hoping I’ll like it as much in person as I do on paper. 


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