First kindergarten progress report

I’ll start with the really good stuff first.  Kenny got his first progress report and he is doing fantastic.  He did not have any check marks on his form, which is pretty amazing.  It just feels good to say that he gets it.  I know as the years go by and the work gets harder his reports won’t always look like this so we’re enjoying it now.


Also, Kenny sold the most entertainment books in his school and won $75.  We’re having him put $35 into savings and then letting him spend the other $40 in San Diego.  He’s pretty excited about that.

Now, for the other stuff.  It’s not bad but it’s something we have to work on with Kenny. 

The kids had their eyesight and hearing checked and then were tested for color blindness.  Kenny passed the eyesight (20/20 – Eric and I have horrible eyes so I’m sure this won’t last) and hearing test but failed the color blindness test.  Mrs. B didn’t understand it because he knows his colors.  She said that she had tested him on his colors earlier in the year and he got them all right.  She had the school nurse test him again and once again he failed.  She finally figured out that he knows his colors when they are by themselves but he has some visual problem where he has a hard time distinguishing them when the colors aren’t separate. 

This worksheet helped Mrs. B figure out Kenny’s problem.     


She said that after Kenny had problems with the first row, she had him start covering up the blocks around the one he was working on.  On the third row, she didn’t have him cover them but drew boxes around the corresponding block so he could work on distinguishing colors.  So, that’s what we have to work on.  I’ve been making my own homemade worksheets like this at home for him to practice with.  Other than that, I don’t really know what else to do.  Any suggestions? 



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6 responses to “First kindergarten progress report

  1. Bennett’s eyesight will be checked before entering kdg (state law now in MO) and I’m really curious to see what the colorblindness test says for him, too. While he’s gotten much better, I won’t be surprised if we find out he is colorblind, too.

    The only suggestion I have is what I started doing a while ago with Bennett when we first started having trouble: Identify things that are ALWAYS a certain color, like “stop signs are red/grass is green” and have him compare what he knows that looks like to what he’s looking at.

    Good luck, and update as you know more! I could very well need your expertise this time next year!

  2. Blythe

    Good report! My brother is color blind, and we tried everything they gave us but he still can’t differentiate red and green, and most other colors aren’t vivid for him the way they are for us. Good luck, I hope the worksheets help!

  3. Karen

    That’s crazy! I’ve never really seen that. Therefore, I have no suggestions. But he seems bright enough that he will overcome that with no problem!

  4. I think my dad was colorblind. Is it hereditary?

    • Eric

      Yes he was and yes it can be but it is supposed to come from the mom’s side, but I don’t think that is always true. I have some trouble distingushing betwee red and green. Struggled a little on my PD physical to get hired.

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