San Diego – day 1

We left for San Diego last Thursday.  We decided to take an afternoon flight so Kenny could go to school in the morning.  This was Kenny’s 2nd flight and Luke’s 1st.  Luke didn’t understand that you don’t just walk onto your plane when you get to the airport and kept asking demanding to go to San Diego for a good hour while we waited for our plane to arrive. 








Do you like Luke’s face?  That’s his “cheese” face. 


The boys were pretty good on the flight out there but it’s hard to be strapped in for three and a half hours.  We were all glad when we landed.  We got into San Diego around 5:00, picked up our rental car and drove north to Carlsbad.  We didn’t get up there until close to 7:00 so we ate dinner at Islands and then went back to our hotel and crashed.  I seriously think we were all asleep by 9:00. 

Day 2 – coming soon.




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5 responses to “San Diego – day 1

  1. glad you had a good trip! i LOVE the new header picture!!

    in the first two pictures, luke’s expression is so cute – he looks so irritated.

  2. Karen

    Riding in planes with little kids…all the power to you! Looks like they did great!

  3. GirlWednesday

    Yes, I also love the new header!

    and LOL at Luke demanding to get on his plane….

  4. Lovin’ the “cheese” face!!!

  5. Oooh, and love the header!

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