San Diego – day 5 (last one, I promise)

Day 5 didn’t involve much except for:

1.  Me trying to talk Eric into moving out there



2.  Flying home to KC.  This flight did not go as well at first.  I have to start out by explaining that Luke’s feet were touching the back of the seat in front of him because of the way his car seat fit in the actual seat.  So, our plane took off and Luke started to have a little tantrum.  We were barely up in the air (everyone was still supposed to be sitting) when the lady in front of him sat forward and said loudly, “I need a drink.”  She then got up (hello, you’re not supposed to be up yet) to tell us that our child was kicking her seat and she wanted to change seats with Eric (but this wasn’t said in even a remotely nice way).  I’m sure Luke was pushing on her seat but seriously lady, give him more than 2 minutes, he’s only a baby.  Eric was nice and switched with her, which was way nicer than I would have been.  I know this is childish but there was another baby sitting in front of her and every time it cried I may have smiled a little.  Or maybe a lot.

Now for some random trip photos: 

Have you ever seen a dog in shoes?  Me neither.


Ali just loved Kenny.





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3 responses to “San Diego – day 5 (last one, I promise)

  1. Eric

    That lady was obviously an adult with no patience for children. Too bad we were on the plane first, maybe she should have thought twice before sitting in front of Luke. I’m going to guess she had no kids of her own.

  2. Blythe Donovan

    Ahhh, traveling with children. Gotta love it. I got really irritated with that lady just from reading your blog! Grrrr! Sorry that the flight home wasn’t great. People should remember that they were all children once too and cut them a little slack. I could see her request if he had been pulling her hair or throwing food at her. May she be blessed enough to sit between colicky infants for the remainder of her flights…

  3. That lady deserved to be slapped.

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