I’ve got nothin’

I know it’s early but I usually try to start thinking about Christmas gifts around this time of the year.  I’ve usually got some good ideas but this year, I’ve got nothin’ in terms of the boys.  Kenny loves Legos but I think he has enough to last him a few years and Luke has all of Kenny’s hand me down toys so we have cars and trains galore in our house.

On the flip side of this, I usually don’t have many ideas for myself for Christmas but this year I have a ton.  Go figure.  I need a new purse and I really want Adobe Photoshop and this cupcake cake mold.  I also want to learn how to use my new camera to the best of my ability so I requested that our library purchase the Nikon D5000 for Dummies book.  They did so now I just have to wait for it to come in.  If that doesn’t help, I might also want to take a photography class. 

Eric should have a pretty easy time with my gift this year.


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5 responses to “I’ve got nothin’

  1. Photography class would be a GREAT gift. My wish list for myself is a mile long, too, but I have *no clue* what I’m getting anyone else yet!

  2. Hey, I’ll do a post on this soon! Luke and Bennett have given me lots of different ideas this year that I’ll share, but it’s too much for a comment.

  3. Karen

    I’m getting Will a marble maze game where you build an obstacle course and run a marble on it. Totally his type of thing. Maybe for a Lego lover too?

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