College pictures

A few sorority sisters and I have been talking about getting together for a freshman year reunion.  I dug out these pictures today and posted them on FB in honor of our future get together.  They still make me laugh. 

Me and Crissi…sadly she lives in St. Louis now.


Me, Kelly, Sharmilla, Andrea, Amanda


Deb Ball – yes, we really were supposed to find the most horrible dress ever and wear it.  Mine looked like it had previously belonged to a Latino working girl so that’s why I had the money sticking out the top of it.  Horrible.


Me and Crissi again. 


Molly and Me


Crissi, Gretchen and Me


Crissi and Me – seriously, doesn’t everybody have a picture in this pose?



Varner, Crissi, Me and Brandi at Phi Psi


Gretchen and Me after swimming in Anchor Splash (our philanthropy)


Emily, Andrea, Angela, Me, Crissi, Ashley, Amanda and Lynn at the Crossing, our favorite bar.


Our family – my pledge mom, Gretchen, my pledge daughter, Kelley and Me


This picture is absolutely horrible of me but I just love it.  Crissi and I loved the Seinfeld episode where Elaine dances.  If you haven’t seen it, go here (she starts dancing around the 25 second mark).  This was our version of it. 



At some point I’ll have to get out the ones from the rest of sophomore year.  I just wish my scanner wasn’t such a pain to use.



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5 responses to “College pictures

  1. so fun! i was just talking to karen a few weeks ago about a freshman year dorm-floor reunion on campus and how much fun that would be!

  2. Karen

    These are great! I definitely think that flannels tied around waists will come back. And we will all laugh!

  3. Mike

    wow…you’re really sober in the 4th picture ;)

  4. These are hilarious. I actually have a bud light cup like the one you’re holding in the first picture. It holds my pens/pencils. Maybe I’ll feature it in a future blog… ;)

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