I’ve got a few things

In the past few days, I’ve come up with a few gift ideas for the boys.  

For Kenny:

– a magic kit.  A friend suggested this.  I’m going to have to look into these and see if I can find one that’s fairly simple but not so simple that he’d use it once and never look at again (aka a waste of money). 

Nicole had the great idea of a science kit.  I know Kenny would love one of those.  She’s also thinking of getting her boys an electronic skeeball/pinball game.  I wish we had a basement because if we did, I would buy Kenny and Luke one of those electronic basketball hoops.  But right now, we just don’t have anywhere to put it. 

– sleeping bag.  I got this idea from Karen.  I could see Kenny being excited about one, especially if we brought up the fact that he could use it to go camping. 

– Uno Attack.  I taught Kenny how to play Uno the other night and he loved it so I think this might be a big hit.  Plus, I like Uno a lot so I wouldn’t mind playing it 20 times per day, unlike some other games such as Candy Land where I end up stacking the deck so Kenny will win and the game will be over.

For Luke:
– Monsters vs. Aliens or Up.

– Wii game.  Don’t think I’m nuts for thinking of buying a 2-year-old a Wii game.  Luke likes to pretend to play when we do but doesn’t have anything of his own.  I know he’d be excited to open a game and know it was his. 

– bedding.  I know this is so not exciting but we’re going to get him a big boy bed some time in the next few months and if I could find some sheets that he would love like these or these, I think I they could be a hit.  Wait until you see Luke’s Halloween costume and you’ll understand.

For their stockings:

– I always buy them bubble bath and tints for the tub but that’s the only idea I have for now.

Thank you guys for all your ideas.  I needed them!


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2 responses to “I’ve got a few things

  1. Blythe

    Great ideas! The sleeping bag is a huge hit with this age, Mer got one for her birthday. I also always do bath stuff in stockings, and thank you cards and a new pen or something fun to write with. (For younger ones I do cards they can decorate and then I can use to write their thank yous.)

  2. FYI – the skeeball thing is like tabletop sized…and I did go ahead and order it. I’ll take a look at the magic set we ordered, too, and see if it’s any good!

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