My dad took on the *fun* job of carving our pumpkin this year. 

Here are the guys deciding on their course of action.  Kenny wanted the pumpkin to have a nose, a toothy smile, 2 eyebrows and 3 eyes. 


Luke wanted his hands washed as soon as he touched the pumpkin guts.  


The three guys and the finished product. 


Thanks Dad!  If you ever want to do it again in the upcoming years, the position is all yours.

Some other pictures from today:

Eric taught Kenny how to play chess earlier in the week.  Here’s Kenny trying to teach my mom the rules of the game.



My puppies that aren’t puppies anymore. 






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4 responses to “Jack-o-lantern

  1. Was Kenny able to learn chess? If he can, I’m sure Matt will want to start teaching Luke to play, too!

    • matt could definitely teach luke. kenny learned it quickly and even put eric in check the other day (but didn’t win). you should have seen kenny telling my mom all the rules and moves that the pieces can make. he loves it.

  2. Karen

    In 4th grade our teacher insisted that we all learned how to play chess. I definitely see its value.

  3. kirksonya

    I love the pic of the boys with your Dad. SO CUTE! How fun and what a great memory for them!

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