Baby essentials

Annie asked me what my baby must haves were.  Here’s a list of the things that I couldn’t have done without:

  • boppy
  • SwaddleMe blankets – these were life savers
  • swing
  • tons of pajamas for the first few months
  • running stroller – you can borrow mine when Luke starts preschool next September (and honestly, you probably wouldn’t use it before then)

What would you say are/were your top essentials?  Help her out.


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8 responses to “Baby essentials

  1. well, unfortunately for us, lots of bibs were essential with two of our kids who spit up a lot.

    my list would also include:
    -bouncy seat
    -some kind of carrier (i didn’t have a bjorn brand, but something like one of those)
    -those waterproof pad things – i put one on the changing table so if he peed during a diaper change, i could just wash that. also, i put a larger one on top of the sheet in the crib, because all of my boys peed out of their diapers a LOT the first few weeks (no matter what kind of diaper, how it fit, etc). changing sheets in the middle of the night is the worst. here is a picture of the smaller size ones:

    • i completely agree w/ those lap pads. i did the same thing w/ luke and kenny and put the pad under them while they were sleeping for the first few months.
      annie, here’s a hint too. if the baby is constantly leaking after the first few months, they might need to move up in diaper size. you don’t always think of that and it’s usually the case.

  2. Karen

    Ditto on the lap pads AND lots of pjs. I also l liked all the baskets I got. I use them for a diaper changing station downstairs, organization under the changing table, etc.

  3. Gas drops, pacifiers, don’t just get any swaddle blanket, skip all of those and get the Miracle Blanket. Seriously. We discovered it too late for Maryn, but two friends with newborns swear by them (and so do I for the few weeks Maryn actually stayed in it). A swing, a bumbo, a bouncy, an exersaucer. Basically anything you can put him/her in to switch their environment up. I also love, love, love our gymini. Oh, and lots of Butt Paste :)

  4. Blythe Donovan

    My favorite baby tip is have 2-3 sets of sheets on the crib mattress, with the mattress liners in between. It’s so much easier to pull off a sheet and liner in the middle of the night than it is to try to put new sheets on. I still do this with my son and he is 18 months! The crib matress sheets are hard to get on, so I have several on and then i just have to change them once a month or so!

  5. I second the jogging stroller and the baby bjorn type thing. And a backpack type carrier when they get older. And a pack-n-play, especially if you travel at all.

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