No, maybe, yes

When all the talk of the H1N1 virus started, I had no plans to get myself or my kids vaccinated.  I knew the symptoms of H1N1 could be bad but I wasn’t sold on the safety of the actual shot. 

But, then Kenny’s school district sent out a permission slip for free H1N1 shots for any kids interested.  That’s when the maybe’s started going through my head but I still wasn’t convinced.

Then, it seemed like everybody and their brother was sick with the swine flu.  My neighbor’s son had it so bad that now, over 2 weeks later, he’s still sick.  He has missed so much school that his teacher isn’t even going to have him make up the things that he missed.  At this point, Eric and I talked to our doctor and our friend, Kevin, who is also a doctor.  Both recommended the shot.  Eric and I talked some more and decided to get the vaccination for both of the boys.  Luke got his on Saturday, after he and Eric waited in line for over 2 hours and Kenny will get his at school later in the month. 

Sometimes the decisions we have to make as parents are really difficult.



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6 responses to “No, maybe, yes

  1. I was the same way. I didn’t like how “rushed” I felt the vaccine was put together. Then someone close to me shed a little light on the situation. It’s not NEW medicine, just a new FORMULATION, much like the annual flu shot (that I get my kids without question). Made me reconsider.

    We go to the dr. next week for Maryn’s 6 month check up. We’ll definitely be discussing it then :)

  2. Karen

    I hear you! We are going to the health department today to get ours. But of course, now they are saying kids need a booster later. It’s that back and forth uncertainty that makes me not want to commit – and my husband is a doctor!

  3. illinigirl

    I might eventually get this. I was so torn because I did not want to get it at first because all I heard was negativity. . . I still have 60 Minutes from Sunday DVRed, where they talk about the safety of the shot. I’m interested in hearing the perspectives of those interviewed.

    Now I am less torn about the above. . . and more discouraged as I got sick with the flu after my regular shot. Yes, it was mild, but it did take me down for two days with pure exhaustion, headaches, etc. Not really in the mood to deal with that anytime soon. . .

    *plus, I’m a wimp.* :)

  4. Ali

    Thanks for the post. Hearing how someone else arrived at the decision is helpful. So true how the decisions we make are hard!

  5. We are getting the shot for Noah just because of the respiratory issues he has had in the past. Dan and I are not getting it. I am not getting it just because I feel like I don’t need it (healthy adult with a strong immune system), and I know other people need it more. I think Dan just doesn’t feel like it. ;)

    Now we are just waiting for Noah’s asthma doc to get the vaccine. Does anyone else feel like maybe this vaccine distribution is being mismanaged? Noah’s asthma doc is at the #1 respiratory hospital in the country and they don’t have it yet. But my PCP has it. Isn’t that weird???

    • absolutely. and every place has different requirements of who can get it. when eric took luke on saturday, it was only for pregnant women and children 6 months-4 years. but then other places (when they briefly have it) have completely different ones. frustrating.
      i’m not going to get the shot either (b/c i feel the same as you, i’m young(er) and healthy and other people need it more).

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