Daily Archives: November 17, 2009

Time out

Luke’s quote of the day:  “You do it again and you go in time out.” 

Can you tell where he’s been a lot lately? 

We’re going through this lovely stage with Luke right now, full of now’s and sassing.  I’m not talking about the sweet little “Mommy, can I get down now” type phase, I’m talking about the screaming, “Mommy, you get me down NOW” phase. 

The other morning he went into time out twice within 45 minutes of waking up.  He had asked for a banana (when I knew he wouldn’t eat it), took one bite and wanted down.  I said no, he got mad and yelled “I beat you up”.  Or it may have been “I beat your butt”, which isn’t any better.  Lovely.  Time out #1.  When he came out of time out, he still didn’t want to eat the 5 bites that I had requested and yelled  “get me down NOW.”  Time out #2.

He’s had a few more time outs since then but that day was definitely the worst one. 

I just need to remember that this stage will pass.



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