2010 calendar

If any of you like to make your own calendars, I want to show you this feature that Snapfish has.  I usually use a different company to make mine but then I saw how Snapfish lets you put individual pictures on specific dates.  If you look below at the December page, you can see that Mac’s birthday is on the 3rd, my MIL’s is on the 5th and my dad’s is on the 18th.  I really, really like this feature.



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4 responses to “2010 calendar

  1. illinigirl

    Um, Snapfish has officially angered me so I’m a shutterfly only girl. . . but I DO love that picture thing on the calender! My boss made a calendar last year with those pictures on the dates. . . that’s such a neat feature!

    In case you were wondering how Snapfish angered me. . . Snapfish sent me a note a month ago saying that if I didn’t order anything, they were shutting down my account. I’m not buying something so you won’t shut down my account! So there, Snapfish. :P

    Plus, Shutterfly gives me way more deals. :)

  2. Karen

    That’s cool! Great gift idea, too!

  3. kirksonya

    I was planning on making one for my Dad for his office, so I think I’ll do it here! He would absolutely LOVE that feature. :-)

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