I am thankful for…

  • my husband who I love dearly
  • my two boys that I love more than life itself
  • our wonderful family and friends
  • the fact that everyone is healthy (knock on wood)
  • my job – even if I sometimes complain about it, I am very lucky to work with my friends
  • all the teachers in my childrens’ lives (kindergarten, music, art, gym, swimming lessons, bible school, coaches, etc)

I hope that everyone  has a safe and family filled Thanksgiving tomorrow!



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4 responses to “I am thankful for…

  1. so you broke down and bought it, huh? looks great!

    happy thanksgiving! :)

    • i wasn’t going to but i got a coupon in the mail where if you spent $50, you got $25 off. so i got this (it was on sale even more in the store than on-line and ornaments for the boys).
      who could say no to a deal like that? :)

  2. Happy almost Thanksgiving. See you tomorrow!!!

  3. Karen

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I love the banner!

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