Eric got me into the habit of listening to podcasts at night when I’m going to sleep.  There are two that I listen to on different book series and then I have the Couch to 5k one downloaded for when I run.  The best thing is that most podcasts are free on iTunes.  The ones I listen to are. 

I was looking for a new series to subscribe to and came across this list.  There are podcasts on everything – Jamie, did you see the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips one?  Crazy. 

What to choose, what to choose?



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3 responses to “Podcasts

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I used to check ITunes at school for podcasts (mostly educational ones) but have gotten out of the habit. Now that I’m having fun with editing pics, I’ll definitely have to check the photography one out! Thanks!

  2. Karen

    Man, I’m techno-slow.

  3. I like the “All Songs Considered” podcasts from NPR (I know…I know…). It’s really great for discovering new music.

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