Just a little late

We had a package sitting on our doorstep today.  It was a book and toy for Kenny (that he already has) but the paperwork didn’t say who it was from.  We were racking our brains trying to figure it out when I took a closer look at the paperwork. 

Look at the ordered and shipped dates: 


This was the lost birthday present from two of my SILs for Kenny.  When the package didn’t show up back in June, they called the company, who then sent a replacement.  That would be why Kenny already has the same book and toy. 

Now, do I call the company and tell them that we finally received them or do I just donate them?  I’ll probably end of calling the company or I’ll feel bad.



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6 responses to “Just a little late

  1. I just ordered something yesterday that’s being shipped to us UPS ground. It better not take six months to get to me! :)

  2. Donate them! At this point, it would probably be more of a bother for them to take it back than just write it off.

  3. Karen

    I agree! Donate! And by the way, not the kind of story one wants to read when they’re shipping Christmas presents!

  4. Amanda

    Omg. if I get my acceptance letter 6 months from now i’m gonna kill someone.

  5. Don’t worry. UCM got my acceptance letter today. :o)

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